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Universal Geneve Compax 'Nina Rindt'

Ref: 885103/02 Compax + UG STRAP


The reputation of Universal Geneve in terms of chronographs is more than established.


The Universal Geneve reference 885103 is nicknamed the “Nina Rindt”  because of the famous car driver Jochen Rindt’s wife, Nina. The reference she wore was this “Panda” (Black & White) Dial. This watch is cult for watches collectors. It is very difficult to find them, moreover in good condition with original parts.


This watch has everything : all good components (crown, hands, pushers, etc), a beautiful patina (tropical subdials), an unpolished case (with serial number visible), and the original bracelet made by “Gay Frères”.  One of the most beautiful watches I had in my hands.


Technical Details :


Brand : Universal Geneve
Model : Compax
Serial : 2 569 522
Ref : 885103/02
Dial : Panda Dial with “Tropical Subdials”
Bracelet : Original UG Strap.
Note : Top Watch, in Top “Untouched” Condition.


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