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OMEGA SEAMASTER 300 'Broad Arrow'


Launched in 1948 to coincide with the brand’s 100th anniversary, the OMEGA Seamaster is the oldest line of all the collections. The Seamaster 300 saga begins in 1957 simultaneously with the Railmaster and the Speedmaster, with the series CK 2913.
There are 8 variations of the CK2913, starting with the 2913-1 up to the 2913-8, released in 1961. The CK2913 was then succeeded by the references 14755 and 165.014.
The first three iterations of the CK2913 typically featured the « Broad Arrow » hand set wich is in my opinion the most desirable configuration. From the 2913-3 reference, both « Broad Arrow » and later « Simple Arrow » set (with sometimes « lolipop » second) can be seen. Even if the Arrow Hand Set is more common starting the 2913-3, some Broad Arrow Handset on later references had been seen (-4 / -5 / -8). We have to remember that these subreferences were produced within a short timeframe and this watch carries a 16.46 serial number…
This watch is in very nice condition and sold as found. It carries all good components and is very interesting for many points in my opinion : the original radium on Dial and Hands is intact and react perfectly to the Geiger counter and UV lamp ; The original Count Bezel, wich is generaly off on these models, is in very nice condition and still visible ; The watch carries the first Broad Arrow handset version.
Technical Details :
Brand : OMEGA
Model : Seamaster 300
Serial : 1646XXX
Ref : CK 2913-7
Caliber : 501
Dial : Matte dial with triangular hour indices
Bezel : Original Count Bezel (no Aldo / no René).
Crown : Thin Narrow Naiade.
Glass : Hesalite (old logo)
Note : Sold as found
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