« Hey Clément, Can you make a pigskin strap for me ? »
People who meets me knows that this leather is my favorite for vintage watches. 

I use this leather since I collect vintage watches.
I tested many type of pigskin leathers and after years of collecting, I finally found the perfect « pigskin leather » thanks to a friend Craftmaker in Italy who source it. 

The pigskin is use since the 1940’s. It works with any dial and any type of materials. It is a good material for watches bands because it’s strong while staying supple at the same time. The grain is distinctive and unmistakable.

I propose this strap in 18/19/20mm tapering to 16mm.
Note that all straps are different because they are handmade.
If you are interested in this strap or if you have a special request you can contact me by Mail or Whatsapp by clicking below.