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Clément Mazarian, born in 1988, has been a collector of vintage watches since his teenage years, during which he received an Omega Watch from his grandfather. He has been learning from collectors on forums and from reputable dealers since then.

Only a passion at first, he decided to make it his job in 2015 by creating his company EPOQ STORE, specialized in finding rare and vintage objects. This idea came after law studies (Clément graduated in 2014 as a Master of Law at the Faculty of Aix en Provence) when his first amateur blog dedicated to the work of Charles Eames was published on the website Highsnobiety.

Passionate about vintage design, he applied Charles Eames’ quote « take your pleasure seriously » to his work. His first project was a website (epoqstore.com) on which he provided design and vintage watches. Soon after, in 2016, he was asked to work with a famous French blog as a « Watch Hunter » to help them develop their e-shop which is now well known among watch connoisseurs; to do so, he had to stop his own website.

After several years of learning and traveling to find the best pieces, he decided to stop working in the shadow for dealers and therefore made the decision to work in his own way with a proper identity : that’s the concept of COLLECTION PERSONNELLE. With this website, Clément wants to provide selective pieces that he would like to buy for himself without the inherent pressure of working for another company.

Clément lives in the City of Popes, Avignon, but is often going around the world for his clients. A meeting can be scheduled in his new Showroom in Avignon by contacting us. He is a pet owner: Jedi (the cat) and Obiwan (the beagle) may take some time on his planning but he will be glad to meet and share his passion with you.